August 1-4 “Seattle Art Fair” Gallery Poulsen booth, Seattle WA

August 17 - September 14th “Inglorious Basterds” Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen Denmark

September 6-8 “North Kunstmesse” Gallery Poulsen Booth, Aalborg Denmark



2018    "The Past Is Alive" Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen Denmark


2019 “Seeing Red” Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles CA

“Art Herning” Gallery Poulsen booth, Herning Denmark

“Art On Paper” Gallery Poulsen booth, New York, NY

2018    “Pulse Miami”, Gallery Poulsen booth, Miami FL

“Art Herning” Gallery Poulsen, Herning Denmark

"Phosphorus"  Rare Bird Art Space, Brooklyn NY 

“Once Upon A Time In America” Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen Denmark

2017    "Art Herning" Gallery Poulsen, Herning, Denmark

            "The Cannonball Run" Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

            "Wildlife Trade Art and Science" National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, WY

2016    "Art Herning" Gallery Poulsen, Herning Denmark

             “Point of Origin” The Lodge Gallery, New York, NY

             “Take Home A Nude” Sotheby’s New York, NY

             “New York Academy Vol. II”  Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

             “Summer Exhibition” Flowers Gallery, New York, NY

             “Call of the Wild” Art Southampton Pavilion, Bridgehampton, NY

             “Wildlife Trading and Conservation”, ISB Gallery, Providence, RI

2015     “Barely Imagined Beings”  Proto Gallery, Hoboken, NJ

             “Take Home A Nude”, Sotheby’s, New York, NY

2014     “Behind The Curtain” Mark Miller Gallery, New York, NY

             “Art Southhampton”,  Art Southhampton Pavilion, Bridgehampton NY

             “The New Romantics”, Mark Miller Gallery, New York, NY

             “Nature Inspires”, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY

2013     “Not For Sale” , The Lounge Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

             “Take Home A Nude”, Sothebys, New York, NY

2012     “TTGBINT” Kraine Gallery, New York, NY

             “Take Home A Nude”  Sotheby’s New York, NY

             “MFA Thesis Exhibition”  Wilkinson Hall, New York, NY

             “Something About Her” The Cupping Room, New York NY

2011     “The Juxtaposition Project”  Six Summit Gallery, Ivoryton CT

             “Single Fare 2” Sloan Fine Art, New York, NY

             “Giverny Residency Exhibition” New York Academy of Art, New York, NY

              “I’ve Got A Secret” Forbes Galleries, New York NY

2010     “Deck the Walls” New York Academy of Art, New York NY

2009     “The Bone Show”  University of Miami, Miami FL